Careers From the Kitchen Table Editions


Kitchen Table Radio Home Study Course – In this course Raven shares the secrets that made her an award winning radio show host and teaches her students step-by-step how to produce and profit from their own radio show.

Broadcast Your Passion to Profits – In this book, Raven shares how you can attract more customers to your business with the power of your voice, all through various broadcasting outlets, including podcasting and radio.

How to Turn Your Telephone into a Cash Cow – With this book Raven shows readers 9 different ways to successfully use the phone (and other related technologies) to either start, grow or enhance your current business.

2010 Careers from the Kitchen Table National Home Business Directory – Insider secrets to starting and running a successful home based business…even in a recession. In this book Raven has brought together more than 45 of the most successful business owners and allowed them to share their personal stories including their biggest challenges and secrets to creating a thriving business. She’s also included interviews with some of her top radio show guests in both transcript and audio formats. (We’ll add this once the book is finished and obviously this is for areas other than in the book, ie. websites, other books, etc.)