Wednesday, October 17th thru the 19th, Impact and Influence Seminar

at the beautiful Westin Long Beach Hotel in Long Beach California!

Wednesday, October 1st, 2nd & 3rd – Sponsor Secrets Seminar

I’m having a blast as the Mistress of ceremonies at Linda Hollander‘s event, “Sponsor Secrets” in Hawthorne, CA at the beautiful Ayres Hotel. Listened to a fantastic panel talking about corporate sponsorship. Are you familiar with the incredible benefits of corporate sponsorship?

eWomenNetwork “Accelerated Networking” Luncheon, Tuesday, August 20 at Beverly Hills Country Club

7 Proven Strategies in Talking Your Way to Success

Discover How to Attract New Customers Effortlessly With Your Very Own Talk Show or Podcast. A lot of people miss the fact that their business can grow exponentially by using a simple tool that we all have in our homes and even in our cars – the Telephone! You can use the internet to build relationships but many people are missing the fact that you can truly build lasting relationships by picking up the phone and talking to people. Find out what you can do FOR them – not what they can do for you.

August 1st at 8PM Eastern Raven’s Celebrity Raven proudly presents a very special edition “Your Health Matters: An Intimate Evening with Lindsay Wagner”

Raven and Lindsay will have a heart to heart conversation about Lindsay’s new partnership with Cerna Homecare. Lindsay is delivering the message that caregivers often need beyond ‘human strength’ to care for loved ones and should seek well-rounded support services. Be sure to tune in LIVE as Raven invites a few listeners to join in the conversation with Lindsay.

Talk-to-Cash Secrets, Thursday and Friday, July 18th-19th

5 STEP Proven Success Formula I have been using that’s taken me from creating my first show from the ICU ward at Methodist Hospital to being invited to interview celebrities for some of the finest charities on the Red Carpet.