Raven Blair Davis is known as “The Queen of Internet Radio Conversion.”  As founder of Raven International Media, she has created a phenomenal enterprise to empower coaches, consultants, authors, speakers and entrepreneurs with the message that there is power in your voice, with her programs online and offline.

Her hard work and dedication has led to the following honors:

The Journey to Raven International Media

In February 2006, Raven’s mother was admitted to the hospital for surgery. With the intentions of her only being there for a week to ten days, her hospital stay unfortunately turned into 6 months! During the first three weeks as she watched her mother lie helpless in the Intensive Care Unit, she couldn’t help but wonder if her mom had done what she wanted to do with her life and if she had any regrets. Surprisingly, Raven also came to the realization that those very same questions she had for her mother were my also her own.

Instantly, she realized she had not done what she wanted to do with her life, nor did she know her true passion. She had been so busy doing things for everyone else that she had no clue about her own true purpose, passion or vision for life. It was during this time that God placed it in her heart that it was her time to shine – her time to give, to make a difference helping others and to change their lives.

It was right there in the Houston Methodist Hospital waiting room where she  began sketching out the format for her Internet radio show Women Power Talk Radio.” With a strong purpose and a desire to keep it simple.. she created a radio show to inspire, empower and uplift women just like herself. The Boomer women who had given up on their dreams, but who like her wanted more out of life …they just didn’t know how to get past all the setbacks and challenges in order to make their dreams happen.

She will tell you it was not an easy task. There were obstacles to overcome. She often struggled with the guilt of even thinking about creating a Internet radio show while her Mom was struggling for her life.

With limited time and resources, combined with the feeling of never before claiming her own power, she at first felt shaky and insecure about her abilities to succeed. But she knew this time she couldn’t give up. So she made the commitment to remain focused.  She set a launch date for her first show, researched the tools needed, lined up guests and two months later on April 23rd, 2006 Women Power Talk Radio aired!

She describes that ah ha moment and feeling of accomplishment, despite many adversities….. she did it!

Fast forwarding to today, she says she has never been happier or more fulfilled than she is right now.

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